Not every kid is a STAR Athlete, but every kid can be Fit and Healthy!


I used to teach many children tennis. 90% of the time after the first tennis lesson, the parent would ask, “Do you think my child has any talent, will they be really good at tennis?”

My answer always was, “It doesn’t matter, they got some great exercise and laughs so let’s ask him/her if they had fun and want to come back next week?” That wasn’t a popular answer to parents wanting to push their kids to be overachievers and probably wasn’t the best marketing answer for my business. I can’t tell you how often parents wanted their kids to have 2-3 hours of private lessons a week for their 6 or 7 year olds. I would always tell these parents, “you know they call it ‘playing’ tennis because it is supposed to be fun right, not a job?”
As I switched my business over to just personal training, I got a different kind of young adult to work with in fitness. I wasn’t getting star athletes; I was getting unhealthy kids who just wanted to feel better about their bodies. These are kids that were just like me; overweight, health issues caused by allergies, asthma or heart problems, body conscious issues, overly thin and gangly boys, or just kids with unathletic parents and their parents wanted them to be healthy.

Great. These are my kind of clients I so love to work with on fitness.

Let’s move and have fun working out. Let’s run, jump, life weights, throw things and see what you like and if you like something, maybe we can see if you like it in sports or just do it to be healthy. Let’s also get you on a healthy diet too so you feel better for everything you do in your life. A little secret-- kids get fit, lose weight, figure out balance, etc., twice as fast as clients over 40!! So, if you have a child that is not the best at a sport, or feels they are unathletic, get them moving and trying lots of things and stress that having a healthy body even if they aren’t the star football or basketball player at their school is great. Their physical wellbeing will pay off remarkably with their mental wellbeing for whatever paths they choose to follow in their lives.

We can’t all be stars on the field, but we all can life healthy lifestyles and feel great about our bodies.