Personal Training


a very different type of Personal Trainer

I know wanting to better your health and get fit is a priority for most people, but making that leap and actually doing something about it can be tough.

I hate gyms, always have, so don't work in them......I come to you in your home or a local park, where you feel comfortable and tailor a program to fit your wants and needs. I have all the equipment we will ever need and work out with you.

I specialize in getting people feeling strong again; especially people that haven't been active physically in a long time, if ever, in their lives.

Examples of Current Clients:

• helped a woman lose over 100lbs and a man lose over 120lbs.
• a man gain 20lbs of muscle and the arms he always dreamed of
• eating disorder clients become athletes
• older adults gain balance and mobility getting out of their wheelchairs
• young adults get fit and ready for scholastic sports
• heart attack and stroke patients get back to better health
• damaged joint and back problem sufferers learn how to manage their injuries to live fuller lives
• and many other clients learn that exercise can be fun and a regular part of their lives.

Client Success Stories

Stay at home mother of three that can now do chin ups and loves feeling strong for the first time in her life.

87 year old in an assisted living environment,. Had been 95% of the time in a wheelchair, now can walk on a walker with increased upper body strength which has made him mentally happier.

Down 40lbs since pregnancy working hard to get down more!!

"Teenage girl getting ready to run high school cross country. She has never been a runner before, now excited to push her body and mind in this great sport."

Had very lose knees and elbows when we started, she felt she could never gain muscle or participate in athletic sports. Has gained 10lbs and now plays in a Softball League every week

51 year old male runs his first 1/2 marathon in 2:30 minutes after 5 months of training successfully without injury

A 56 year old woman down 20 lbs and a 17 year old teenager down 15 lbs run their first 5k and had a blast beating over 5 people in their age groups. Love taking clients to their first races where they can meet and feel people being excited about being healthy.